Durr VistaScan Range of phosphor plate imaging scanners

From one intraoral image right up to panoramic and Ceph images Durr Dental has a phosphor plate system for you. When it comes to software Durr Dental scanners have their own software DBSWin or they easily integrate with the practice management software.


Durr VistaIntra Wall Mounted intra-oral DC x-ray

VistaIntra‘s modern DC technology facilitates highly repeatable accuracy of radiation dose and thus high image quality. It also reduces the patient dose by more than 25 % in comparison to conventional AC generators, thereby ensuring greater safety for your patients and employees.


Durr VistaPano 2D OPG and VistaVox 3D CBCT

With the VistaPano S, Durr Dental has set new standards in the resolution of extraoral images. The 2-D panorama X-ray device is impressive with its simple handling and an integrated workflow, supported by an innovative 7″ touch display. The excellent imaging of the VistaPano S is produced by two innovative technologies. Firstly, state-of-the-art Csl sensor technology, producing an improved picture quality, thereby facilitating significantly improved diagnostics. Secondly, the S-Pan technology which uses the patient image to present an automatic razor-sharp panorama of every tooth and jaw position in every situation. The quick scan mode allows the scan of a complete OPG image in a very short time – only 7 seconds – with an especially low X-ray dose.

The VistaVox is Ideal imaging volume, easy positioning, high image quality: VistaVox S represents a milestone in the field of 3D X-ray systems. Thanks to its unique technology, the 3D images generated with this system cover everything you need for reliable diagnosis, well-founded treatment decisions and convincing patient communication. In addition, the S-Pan technology of VistaVox S also enables pinpoint-accurate panoramic image acquisitions in superior Durr Dental quality. Thanks to a high-resolution CsI sensor with a pixel size of 49.5 μm, you can benefit from exceptional image quality – both in 3D and in 2D. All of these things make VistaVox S not only a highly efficient solution for dentistry, but also a safe investment.


We also supply and install ACTEON x-rays and scanners and BELMONT x-rays