Cattani Micro Smart

Designed for single surgery use, the compact Smart suction system combines unique, multi-level power and automatic speed control with the most effective cyclone amalgam separator available.

Patented, advanced technology and a remote use keypad enable you to instantly control vacuum and airflow levels, at the touch of a button, from almost anywhere in your surgery. Optimising control can halve the machine’s power usage, significantly reducing running costs and noise, without affecting performance.

With additional benefits that reduce maintenance time, ‘Smart’ is easy to use and extremely reliable. If you require a smarter suction solution, please contact us for more information on this intelligent machine.


Durr Dental

Integrated suction and air/water separation system with amalgam separation for a treatment unit Suction power of 300 l/min Separation rate of 97.5 %


Cattani Turbo Smart

Turbo Smart is a powerful, variable speed suction system, with high airflow, for use by up to four surgeries simultaneously. It monitors the vacuum level and automatically responds to any change in use from the surgeries.

When a suction tip is opened, Turbo Smart speeds up to meet the extra demand. When a suction tip is closed, it slows down. The system adapts its speed to cope with extra demand and when other surgeries are using the unit. The result is efficient and more consistent suction.

One central separator negates the need for individual separator tanks in each surgery, thereby reducing costs, maintenance and cleaning.
This patented, innovative and intelligent system has a multi-function digital display that supplies information on vacuum level, temperature, servicing, amalgam separation and fault diagnosis.

All Turbo Smart systems have a 3 year warranty* (*subject to Terms and Conditions of servicing schedule).


Mobile spraymist suction system for 1 operator

This is a great solution to many suction problems. Direct drainage also possible (optional). May be used with Combined Suction Unit VS 300 S or VSA 300 S.