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Benchtop Scaler with Water Bottle

Woodpecker Hygiene L.E.D. treatment centre. EMS style

Contains:- 8 tips G1, G2, G3, G4, P1, P3, P4, E1.

Tip holder and wrench

Clinical Solutions can be usedto improve perio & endo.

RRP £599.00

Only £476.00

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LED Operating Lights

Unit and Ceiling mounted LED lights which fits onto most units.

There is an option to have a hands free sensor and there is and option for full articulation through a third axis to give better positioning

From £1195.60

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Autoclavable Metal Syringe Tips - pack of 5

Stop using one-use plastic tips and start to become Eco Friendly!

Only £7.00

DCI Heavy Duty Water Bottles

From £7.70

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Tripple Pack Of High Speed Quick release Hand Pieces - Including Coupling!



Starting from as little as £301.00

we have ultrasonic cleaners from 3 ltr up to 10ltr complete with lids, baskets and drain valves (except 3ltr)

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A Huge Variety of Piezo Tips Starting From £4.90

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